Famous Personalities Of India Like Arun Kumar Bajaj

Spline forming machine 

UM-3DL 3-die thread rolling machine is specially developed for tubular processing. One more variety of function aids is a thread trimming tool. Most of the contemporary sewing machineries are equipped with automatic thread trimming technologies. They also add to productivity of machinery and labor. Minute or really tiny processes like tacking, label sewing or label attaching, taking up to 7” seconds have to be performed with machineries equipped with automatic thread trimmer.

Our team knows how to make much more than machines or dies. We know how to make your portion. We can specify the appropriate dies for your machine and application. Guaranteed. ed: 50 mm Min. pitch: 1. mm Max. pitch: 6.35 mm Max. roll die diameter: 178 mm Roll die width: 35 -150 mm Max.

Operator will be responsible for thread up of the rolling mill, operation of the strip take up, and strip coil adjustments. We are specialize in Threading Machine for Bolt, Rebar, Bar, Rod and also specialized in Thread Rolling Machines for Bolt, Bar, Rod. Thread cutting heads can cope with just about any material. It is simply a matter of getting the appropriate geometry on the chasers.

The primary object of this invention is to offer an automatically operated machine in which two die rolls are so shaped and arranged that operate could be fed automatically to and discharged from the rolling zone by means of operate carrying grooves or notches in 1 of the die rolls which insure a constructive feeding and removal of the function.

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