Automatic screw presses machine

Screw presses, which are ideally used as drop-forging machines on account of their design benefits, are restricted of their impression force by friction wheel drive (friction screw presses), and due to this fact automatic press machine with an influence energy of from forty MN (Meganewtons) are often offered, and screw presses with an affect of from eighty MN are in general provided, with a gearwheel drive, for which function the flywheel has exterior toothing and has motor-pushed pinions participating in its toothed rim.

The very best known example is a plastic injection molding machine: pellets of plastic are admitted at one finish; the barrel surrounding the screw is heated; and molted plastic discharges on the different finish and is pushed into the injection molding die.

They are vitality associated machines in that the higher die strikes down till the energy is absorbed by the deformation of the part or the press frame. The dies needs to be designed to return face to face in order that the forging tolerances are built into the tooling and usually are not a operate of the shut height as is the case with a mechanical crankshaft press.

The electrical screw press as the key tools, Anyang forging press company can supply the forging production line for the purchasers, embody chopping tools, heating tools, preform forging tools, forging robots, Trimming equipment and built-in system etc.

In evaluating to the friction type, 30~50% of energy is lowered with respect to that of standard friction type as total save power effect. Since brake is by motor when slide is in return stroke, mechanical brake solely works when slide is near up useless level, brake materials just isn’t easy to wear, no want frequent change.

Based on the electrical screw press, simply broken parts are small in number, and the failure charge is low; the motor works in a batch type, and electrical energy may be saved by 50% when the refractory bricks are processed; personnel bills are automatically managed and saved, blowing precision is high, technological parameters of the bricks of the same batch are identical, and the rate of completed products is excessive; and safety is sweet, multiple brakes are achieved, and the truth that the slide block can brake at any positions is guaranteed.

Accordingly, the friction clutch type is not going to be touched on this part and is left to the gear description within the sequel. Compression is achieved through the use of graduated pitch compression levels, sometimes mixed by tapering the diameter of the shaft of the screw so as to force materials in opposition to the encompassing screen.

The 2 axial piston motors 26o and 26u associated with a respective one of the pinions 23 are each fed by an oil pump 27 which in turn is driven by a respective electric motor 28 in each case, the bearing block 24 of every pinion 23 concurrently supporting the axial piston motors 26o and 26u, the oil pump 27 and the electrical motor 28, that are associated with this pinion 23. Every oil pump 27 will be regulated by way of its feed stress and its feed quantity and is reversible with respect to its feed path.

For example, it consists of midway cease during slide ascending, restart, forging, slide return, knockout and materials insertion with slide pullup a little excessive, etc. Acutually, there is no such thing as a distinction with conventional sort which consumes all flywheel energy and highly effective forging is possible.

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